Eating Deli Meat Could Be Worse Than We Thought

Every year thousands of people lose their lives to cancer. While many people blame cancer on genetics, holistic doctors beg to differ. In fact, most holistic doctors believe that genetics play only a small role in the development of cancer. Instead, they believe that cancer grows as a result of toxicity in the body caused by external factors such as our diet. 

Researchers who study the links between cancer and nutrition have found shocking results when it comes to eating meat, specifically processed deli meat.Processed meats like bacon, ham, turkey, chicken, sausage, hot dogs, roast beef, etc. have been found to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes even more than red meat. 

In Europe, a prospective study looked at the diets of more than 400,00 people, their results showed that the, “reduction of processed meat to less than 1/4 a hot dog a day would prevent more than 3% of all cancer related deaths.” 

The largest study ever done between diet and cancer was the AARP study which involved 600,000 people. Researchers found the preventable fraction to be much higher, suggesting, for example, that “20% of heart disease deaths among women could be averted if the highest consumers cut down to like less than a half strip of bacon a day.”