The One-Day Holiday Detox is Here!

I am so excited to finally share the One-Day Holiday Detox with you! With the crazy holiday season ahead, I thought it would fun to challenge ourselves and create a detox that we could do once a week! If you've ever done a detox before, you know how miserable they can be. The good news is that this detox will NOT leave you starving! In fact it's meant to give you energy! Here are some of the recipes you can look forward to:

Say good morning to these Apple Pie Chia Oats! Packed with energy-packed carbohydrates, natural sugars and loads of fiber, these make the perfect breakfast to start any day! 

Hello beautiful! This gorgeous plant-based salad bowl is packed to the brim with healthy fruits, veggies and nuts, and is sure to make your skin glow glow glow!

Check out this gorgeous rice bowl! It's packed with wild rice, dried herbs, chopped veggies, apples and nuts! 

Interested in joining me in this one-day detox? Click the link HERE to sign-up for the free download!