Healthy Swaps: Chao Cheese Slices


Chao Cheese Slices by Field Roast win the award for the best sliced cheese alternative on the market. After sampling many different varieties of dairy-free cheeses, Chao Cheese Slices surpass them all. If you are looking for a product to replace your daily sliced cheese addiction, look no further.

+ Great authentic cheese taste - so close that you may wonder if it is real cheese
+ Comes in 3 flavors - creamy original, tomato cayenne and coconut herb
+ Melts beautifully and is perfect for sandwiches, paninis and burgers
+ Comes pre-sliced - great for portion control!

+ Expensive - around 5$ for a pack of 10 slices
+ Difficult to find - use this store locator to find Chao near you!

Have an opinion? Tried Chao before? Let me know what you think!