How Dry Brushing Can Change Your Life


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of your entire body? Well, technically you're right, the skin is not considered an organ, but it sure does function like one! The skin's job (besides covering up our insides,) is to breath. As the skin breaths, it eliminates toxins from the body. Did you know though that we can actually aid our bodies in detoxing by dry brushing our own skin? Get all the dirt on dry brushing below!

What You'll Need
All you'll need is a dry brush, loofa or sponge. For best results, however, I recommend a dry brush with vegetable fibers like the one pictured above from Whole Foods Market.

How To Do It
Start at your feet and move upwards, so that you are bringing blood to the heart. Once you get higher than the heart, begin to make downward brush movements so that all of the blood flow is geared towards this area. A note, be sure to go lighter on areas like your chest where the skin is thinner and therefore, more delicate.

The Benefits
 Not only does dry brushing revitalize the skin, but it also helps circulation, removes dead skin, stimulates the lymph system and reduces cellulite.

That's it folks! Dry brush once a day, in the shower or just before! Spice it up even more by adding a little almond oil or coconut oil to your brush for some added luxury and some seriously smooth skin!

Need a dry brushing demo? Click HERE to link to You Tube.