The Key To Success? Maintaining Rituals

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This morning I watched a great video by Tony Robbins titled, ‘Raise Your Standards and Change Your Rituals.’ The talk was about how essential it is to develop and maintain rituals in order to achieve success. I have summed up the video for you below, but if you are interested in watching Tony Robbin's talk on You Tube, feel free to click HERE

Step 1:
Raise Your Standards

Demand more of yourself each and everyday. Challenge yourself to work harder in order to discover what you are truly capable of! Stop spending time with people with low standards. While hanging around people like this may make you feel better about yourself, in the long run they will only pull you away from your goals. The will to attain a goal or achieve success is not enough, we must follow through by creating rituals to keep ourselves on track.

Step 2:
Developing and Maintaining Rituals

Rituals are the little things that we do on a daily basis to enforce our end result or goal. After awhile, these rituals begin to define who we are and lead us to our success. Remember, success takes time - the tiny steps add up! The visualization of the goal, the feeling of already having achieved it, the idea of creating the best version of yourself and so on are all key mental rituals that will be just as essential as the physical rituals or actions that you take. Success does not happen over night. In fact, Tony Robbins says, “People are rewarded in public for things that they’ve practiced for years in private.”

There you have it! Now go out into the world and discover what YOU are capable of. Create the best version of you by challenging yourself every day, taking action and believing that YOU have the power!