Ten Minute Vegan Taco Bowls


I didn’t grow up eating tacos, so you can understand my shock when I discovered them in my mid-twenties and realized how much spicy goodness I had been missing out on.

Better yet, I discovered vegan walnut “meat” tacos.

There’s a vegan place near my office that sells taco bowls, and these aren’t just any taco bowls… they’re guac-ed and loaded, delicious and hearty taco bowls.

At thirteen dollars a bowl, I would gladly spend every penny I have eating these taco bowls because they are in fact that freaking delicious.

After running my wallet dry after about 6 months at my new job, I decided to stop buying taco bowls on the reg and try recreating them at home.

Cost effective? Check! Not to mention, I could now quite literally eat taco bowls 365 days a year if I wanted to.

The best thing about these bowls is that they’re versatile and compatible with almost every diet under the sun.

I’m talkin:
You name it.

Aside from tasting positively DELICIOUS, they literally take all of 10 minutes to make (5 minutes if you make the taco “meat” in advance).

You can also make a huge batch to last you days because unlike real meat, this taco meat ain’t gonna go give you mad cow disease.

All jokes aside, if you’re looking for a healthy non-meat recipe to spice your lunch or dinner up, these bowls are totally for you!


Time: 10 Minutes
Makes about 4 Servings

Taco “Meat” Ingredients
1 clove garlic
1 ½ cups walnuts
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon chili powder
½ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons water

YDY (You Do You) Taco Bowl Ingredients
Siete Foods queso
Wild rice
Black beans
Baby tomatoes


1. Place the garlic clove in a food processor and grind until minced (If you’re in the market for a food processor, I’ve had this thirty-dollar one from Cuisinart since college and love!) If you don’t have a food processor you can always mince the garlic by hand.

2. Place the walnuts into a food processor (or high-speed blender) and grind the walnuts into small chunks. Be sure not to over due it - we don’t want your walnuts to turn into flour!

3. Place the ground walnuts into a bowl and mix in the spices and salt. Finally, add the two tablespoons of water to combine into taco “meat”

4. Craft your very own taco bowl using the YDY (You Do You) ingredients listed above.


* Just a heads up! This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link to a my favorite mini food processor