Overcoming the Birthday Blues

She Well

I’ll admit it. I hate my birthday. There, I said it. I love the month that my birthday falls in (October), I love receiving gifts (duh), but to me, the pressure of a birthday is overwhelming. Unlike the days of good old growing up, these days birthdays come with a bigger burden. With the ever growing surge of social media, it seems impossible not to get caught up in the metrics of it all. How many people liked my post, how many people wrote on my wall, how many people texted and called me and who were those people who remembered ME. Well guess what? People I love didn’t call and some didn’t even text. But at the end of the day what I realized is this: While this day is important to ME, it’s just another day for everyone else. 

The fact of the matter is, to be truly happy on our birthdays, we must take our ego out of it. We must find a way to seek inner happiness by looking into our souls and celebrating the person we have become. In order to do this, I took some time to develop a short list of questions to internalize. I wrote the following questions down on my phone to think about throughout the day: 

Who am I?
Am I proud of the person I’ve become?
What do I do really well?
What can I improve upon?
Am I a good friend?
How can I be a better friend?
How can I be a better daughter?
How can I make a difference daily?
How can I radiate light?
What can I do to strengthen my faith?
What are my goals for the coming year?
Do I love with my entire being? 

As I walked the streets of Georgetown (stopping at all of my favorite shops of course), I thought about these questions. The more and more I took my ego out of my birthday, the more I enjoyed my birthday. The negative voices in my head began to fade and I was overcome by love. Love for the life I have been blessed with, love for the people who bring me joy and love for the challenges that have shaped me. 

I can’t lie to you and tell you that I am not hurt by the friends who didn't call. I can however, tell you that changing my perspective on my birthday helped me to cope. It helped me to release my ego and to realize that no matter how I felt, I am without a doubt loved. I am not perfect. And I can’t expect the world to revolve around me, even on a day where it feels like it should. This year my birthday has challenged me to be better: a better friend, a better daughter, a better all-around person and believe me, I can’t wait to try. Here’s to the next 365 days of learning, loving, forgiving, failing, laughing and living.

From my third eye to yours ❤