Sleep Better + Minimize Cell Phone Radiation

She Well

Not going to lie, I’ve been pretty out of it lately. While fall is without a doubt my favorite season, there’s definitely something to be missed about the long, drawn-out days of summer. Particularly, I have been struggling to wake up in the morning. With the sun rising later and later each week, my body seems to detest waking in complete darkness. Hence, I find myself curled back into the cocoon of my comforter and into a deep sleep. 

While I can afford to sleep in a little more, why would I? My mornings are precious to me and an important part of my daily routine. To combat this ongoing morning drag, I’ve started using the Sleep Cycle app to track my sleep and wake me up at the lightest point of my REM cycle. I like this app for a few reasons. The first reason being that it works. After using the app for only a few days now, I feel less tired waking up and have been able to get myself out of bed at my scheduled time. 

The second reason I like this app is that it can be used on airplane mode. For those of you who don’t know, it’s not healthy for us to sleep with our phones near our beds. In fact, cell phones “pump out electromagnetic radiation whenever they're on - which means sleeping with one nearby boosts your exposure all night long.” However, for many of us, sleeping with our phone next to our bed is imperative as our cell phone also doubles as our alarm clock. The good news is that when a phone is switched into airplane mode it shuts down the transceiver and stops radiation. 

While I don’t want to bore you with the facts and potential hazards of cell phone radiation,  I do feel that it’s important for people to be informed about the potential risks. If you’re interested in reading more you can find some useful info in these links from Mercola and the American Cancer Society