Blizzard Catch Up!

What a crazy past few days it has it been! Not only did I start working a new job, but I also survived my first DC blizzard! Luckily for us, Jonas was a ton of fun!

On Friday night my roommate and I ventured out to a Silo to drink some Moscow Mules before Jonas got a little too crazy. We met some neighbors at the bar and ended up bar hopping through the empty streets of DC. The next day, we headed to our neighborhood Irish pub, Fados for some much needed Irish coffees and grub! I ordered the garden beets & hummus sandwich topped with spinach, pickled garden beets, carrots, red onion,cucumber & feta cheese on grilled marbled rye. I am not usually a huge beet fan, but this sandwich was outrageously good, especially for a bar! I also liked that the sandwich came with a soup so that I didn’t need to worry about tempting myself with fries. That evening we headed to a friend’s house to hangout and drink some wine. 

classic blizzard selfie 

classic blizzard selfie 

On sunday, we went to Sixth Engine to watch the Patriots game. Sixth engine is a old firehouse converted into a restaurant and has a seriously cool vibe. The food is consistently good and is a great place to meet up with a friend or grab dinner. Unfortunately, I was sad to see the Patriots lose, but hey… aren't we already champs?! We ended up staying at the bar to watch the Panthers versus the Cardinals… Unfortunately, the second game was far less exciting than the first and soon it was time to hit the hay.

Thanks for catching up with me! Be sure to stay tuned this week for the recipe for my Insane Swiss Chard Pasta with Goat Cheese & Toasted Walnuts, as well as a recipe for that Salmon Salad I posted this weekend! Happy Monday!