That Sugar Film

Recently, I watched a new documentary called “That Sugar Film.” The star of the documentary is Damon Gamea, a healthy 38 year old man who, after 3 years of going sugar-free, decides to put his beliefs to the ultimate test. Gamea teams up with doctors, dietitians, researchers and of course, lawyers, to prove a major point about sugar: it’s detrimental to our health.

The idea came to Gamea upon discovering that the average Australian eats 40 teaspoons of sugar a day (equivalent to 160 grams.)

However, instead of consuming foods like, candy, ice cream, soda and chocolate to prove a point, Gamea decided to eliminate all junk food from his diet and eat only foods that are perceived as “healthy.” Some of these foods include, cereal, granola, juice, low-fat yogurt and so on. In addition to only eating “healthy” foods, he kept his caloric intake and exercise regiment the same. 

Within just sixty days of eating 40 teaspoons of added sugar a day, Gamea “gained 19 pounds, developed pre-type 2 diabetes and heart disease risks, had an extra four inches of dangerous visceral fat around [his] belly and noticed an enormous impact on [his] moods and cognitive functions." 

While we all know how bad sugar is for our bodies, Gamea proves just how many of us are eating it blindly. This film truly proves that it is time to stop counting calories and to start looking for those sneaky added sugars.