New Year, New Goals

Whew! What a whirlwind! After three weeks of traveling to Boston, DC, Philly and Mexico, I am finally back and ready to stay! It’s incredible how much traveling can take out of you, especially if you’re not fueling your body properly (can you say all-inclusive resort?!)

That said, I am thrilled to embark on my 2016 journey and excited to set some new and challenging goals for myself. One of my major goals for the New Year is to eat a wider variety of foods, namely fruits and vegetables. Often, I find myself stuck in a pattern, eating the same things over and over again. While this may be convenient, I am depriving my body from all of the plant-based vitamins and minerals that it craves. I began researching options for myself and came across From The Farmer - a local DMV service that delivers a variety of fruits and vegetables each week directly to your door. 

What I love about From The Farmer is the variety of produce they offer. Each week you receive an email with the current week’s menu of fruits and vegetables to be delivered. If you don’t like something or are allergic, you can customize the order by adding and eliminating items from your list. In addition, you can add other items to your delivery such as freshly baked bread, cheese from local farms and even freshly ground coffee. 

I am especially excited about From The Farmer to get me through the winter. I adore going to farmer’s markets on weekends and can often be found working at them around DC. However, most markets close by November and do not open again until April. From the Farmer allows me to eat locally sourced, high quality produce that is delivered directly to my door. Unlike many subscription services, From the Farmer allows you to easily subscribe and unsubscribe for weekly deliveries without any gimmicks. Their top-notch customer service is incredibly refreshing as well!

So… for all my DC, MD, VA fellow foodies who may be interested, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a fresh start for the New Year by using SHEWELL2016 at checkout to receive 20% off your first four deliveries. 

Thank you From The Farmer for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!