DIY: Cupcake Mug!


Last week I took a close friend out to lunch for her birthday. I knew I would be buying her lunch, but I wanted to bring her a little something! I was walking by Anthropologie and spotted the most adorable mug that I knew she would love. I bought the mug and then realized that I had nothing to put in it! I tried to brainstorm some cute ideas, when all of a sudden I thought of a cupcake! You see pictures all over Pinterest of people making "mug cakes" so why not make a cupcake mug?! Genius! Well, unfortunately I was in a crunch for time so I decided to swing by a local bakery and see if I could find a cupcake that would fit. After quite the search, I finally found the perfect cupcake to fit into the wide brimmed Anthro mug! The result, absolute birthday perfection!

DIY Ingredients:
+ one mug 
+ a small amount of tissue paper
+ one yummy cupcake
+ one birthday candle

+ Rinse the mug out with soap and water and dry.
+ Place a small amount of tissue paper in the mug and crunch it down.
+ Place the cupcake in the mug and top with a birthday candle!