5 Minute Salted Ghee Popcorn

Gluten-free | Can be made vegan by swapping oil or dairy-free butter for ghee 

Salted Ghee Popcorn


Serves 1
Time: 5 minutes

2 tablespoons popcorn kernels
1 teaspoon + 1/2 teaspoon ghee
1/8 teaspoon sea salt

1. Place 1 teaspoon of ghee into a medium sized pot with a heavy bottom. Bring the pot to medium heat until the ghee has melted across the surface of the pan. 

2. Drop in the two tablespoons of popcorn kernels and cover. Be sure to leave the lid slightly ajar to allow some steam to escape. 

3. Pop on medium heat for 2 minutes, shaking the pot occasionally until all kernels have popped. A good way to tell if the popcorn is almost done is when the popping slows to 2-3 seconds apart. 

4. Remove the pot from the heat and add 1/2 teaspoon ghee to the popcorn. Mix well and sprinkle with sea salt to finish. 

Nutritional Information (one serving)
175 calories, 8g fat, 22g carbs, 4g fiber, 1g sugar, 4g protein