10 Tips For Your Healthiest School Year Yet!

Stock Up Right
Kick off the school year by buying only healthy snacks to keep in your dorm room. Things like old fashioned oats, fruit, nuts, almond butter, hummus, veggies and low-sugar yogurt all make great snacks to keep in!

Expand Your Fitness Horizons
Try a new class at your college gym. If your school doesn’t offer classes get creative! Organize a jogging club or get a group of friends together to do Kayla workouts! 

Drink more water
Keep hydrated by investing in a water bottle with a built in filter like a Camelbak or Brita. These water bottles make it easy to drink fresh water wherever you go! 

Set Goals
The night before the first day of classes, make a list of goals for the semester. Whether you are planning to train for a half marathon or just trying to eat healthier. Set goals for yourself!

Adventure Is Out There!
Take advantage of your surrounding area and go explore! Grab a friend (or a bike) and claim new territory by expanding your curiosity and seeing what lies beyond your campus. 

Drink Smart
If you drink alcohol make sure you are choosing your alcohol carefully. Check out my Beach Body Alcohol Guide for the best low calorie options!

Avoid The Junk
Do your best to bring only healthy options home from the dining hall. Choose nutritious options like fruit, whole grain cereal or salad.

Quit Netflix Binging
You are only an undergraduate once, so make the most out of it and stop wasting your time cooped up in your room. Go outside, meet new people, join a club, explore and for God’s sake, ditch the afternoon Netflix!

Pack An Emergency Stash
Stowaway some healthy snacks in your bag for emergencies (i.e. not having time to eat lunch because you have to finish writing that paper...) Nut and fruit bars are a great go-to!

Be Curious!
Sign up for a class that doesn’t pertain to your major or join a club that you know nothing about! The more that you explore opportunities outside of your comfort zone, the more you will grow!