DIY Birchbox Picture Frames

For the past (almost year) I have been hoarding empty Birchbox boxes, I mean come on they are just too cute to throw out! Realizing that a lot of people are probably in the same boat, I decided to Google some DIY ideas for old Birchboxes. Unfortunately, I was totally uninspired by what I found. Fortunately, I love any excuse to craft, so I came up with the fun idea of Birch Box Picture Frames! 

These picture frames are seriously so much fun! They brighten up my bedroom and give me an excuse to look at all the amazing people in my life! You can mount these frames on your wall or prop them up on a bookshelf or desk! Either way, after making these you will become totally obsessed! 

So... without further ado, here is your DIY Birchbox Picture Frame Tutorial!

What You'll Need:

Let's Do It! 
+ Take out any birchboxes that you want to use as picture frames (I used both tops & bottoms.) 
+ Assemble your 4x6 images and choose which picture you want to go on each box.
+ Use one 4x6 picture as a template to create your "mounting paper" with white printer paper. For accuracy, use a ruler to measure 1/2 cm boarders around all edges of the photo. Use the template to create enough white mounting paper for the amount of pictures that you have. (My white mounting paper is pictured above.) 
+ Next, use tape or a glue stick to mount the white paper on the box. Once, the paper is mounted, adhere the picture on top, so that the white paper becomes a border. 
+ Finally, if you wish to hang your pictures, hammer in one nail for every frame that you have. (I measured each nail 7 1/2 inches vertically, to create the look I was going for!)

I really hope that you enjoy these as much as I do! Feel free to post comments or feedback below!