Finally, A Detox That WORKS

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This week I am taking part in Nikki Sharp’s 5 Day Detox. I try to do this detox about once every other month, to clean out my system and get myself back on track. Out of all the detoxes and cleanses I have tried, Nikki’s is by far my favorite. The whole idea behind the cleanse is that you eat small portions of nutrient-dense, plant-based food for a week. In addition, there are no processed foods, refined-sugars or salts allowed!

I originally heard about the detox from a friend who suggested that I check out Nikki’s Instagram account. Immediately upon visiting her page I was shocked by the transformations that people had received in only 5 days! (Check out the pic above that I snagged from her website and find others HERE!)

Pictures like these seem a little too good to be true right? That's what I thought until I did the detox myself. It actually works. While you should not expect to lose a bunch of longterm weight on this cleanse (it's only 5 days, duh) you can expect to see an incredible change in the way that you look and feel.

The reason this detox works is because you are eliminating chemically manufactured additives from your food and replacing them with real, fresh ingredients. Be sure to check my Instagram account to check in with my progress and to see all the yummy detox recipes I am making! In addition, if you are interested in purchasing Nikki's detox or finding out more, click HERE.

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