The Best Booze For Your Bikini Bod

With the weather getting nicer and summer upon us, it is officially time to give up those heavy beers we’ve been drinking all winter and switch to some, lighter low-calorie options. Before I say anything, let me put this out there: alcohol has no nutritional value whatsoever. Red wine may have antioxidants but I mean, so do berries, nuts, vegetables, whole-grain products, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, and even chocolate. The key to drinking is MODERATION. If you eat healthy and exercise, having a few drinks here and there is no big deal.. unless you are drinking 800 calorie margaritas all the time...

With that said, I have compiled a cheat sheet to help you make educated decisions when consuming alcohol so that you can continue enjoying your weekends while staying on track with your health and fitness goals!

 Stouts, porters, IPAs, pale ales (200-450 calories range)
Aim For: light beers, pilsners, wheat ales (90-150 calorie range) *Usually, the higher the ABV. the more calories a beer contains

Mixed Drinks:
Drinks with dessert or exotic names, bright colors, soda, fruit juice or red bull (300-800 calories)
Aim For: Liquor with soda water, gin and tonic, liquor and diet soda Though listed as an option, I do not endorse drinking diet products. Though they may be calorie-free they are filled with harmful chemicals.

Moscato, dessert wine, some sangria for its high sugar content from added juices, syrups
Aim for: Red or white wine, champagne (100 - 130 calories per glass) - full of heart healthy antioxidants and flavonoids!

The World’s Highest Calorie Drinks: (Per 1 Serving)
+ Margarita Calories:  740
+ Long Island Iced Tea Calories:  780
+ Mai Tai Calories: 620
+ Pina Colada Calories: 644

The World’s Lowest Calorie Drinks: (Per 1 Serving)
+ Red or White Wine Calories: 100
+ Champagne Calories: 90
+ Light Beer Calories: 90-120
+ Vodka Soda Calores: 96
+ Shot of Liquor Calories: 90-110

In the end, there is no real way to make drinking “healthy." However, educating yourself will help you to make calculated decisions and keep you on track!