The 'Worrisome Levels' of Arsenic In Rice


A 2012 consumer report announced that moderate to moderately high levels of arsenic were found in a study of nearly 200 rice products found in U.S. grocery stores. Even more worrisome perhaps, was that the report concluded that people who ate rice had arsenic levels of 44% or more than people who avoided rice.

Despite the ban of arsenic back in the 1980’s our soil still remains packed with it. This becomes a problem, especially when growing products that grow in water-flooded conditions like rice. As the rice grows, it absorbs arsenic from the soil and water.

Why You Should Care:
High enough levels of arsenic in the body have been proven to lead to several different types of cancer.

What Can You Do?:
No need to cut out rice from your diet just aim to buy organic!

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