A Salad A Day

salad a day

Whether you realize it or not, we all have our own daily routines. For some people this routine involves things like working out, a morning cup of coffee, a daily journal, morning stretches and so forth. For me, my routine includes enjoying a ginormous salad at least once a day. I made a 'Salad a Day' part of my routine after I realized how deprived my body really was of vitamins and minerals. For the first two years of college I had unintentionally starved my body by eating cafeteria food. As a vegetarian who avoided dairy, there were limited things I could eat. So my seemingly “healthy” diet consisted of eating bananas, cereal, oranges, iceberg salads and peanut butter toast. I may have looked fine, but I honestly felt like crap. My body was tired, my sugar levels were all over the place, my energy was low and my skin was a wreck.

It was only after reading the book The China Study that I realized what my body really needed to feel good - Vegetables. So I began putting in place the idea of eating at least one huge salad a day to ensure that I get the vitamins and minerals my body needs to thrive.

Well, here we are a few years later and the routine is kickin, only now I love salad so much that I sometimes eat TWO salads a day! I have included my 'Salad a Day' recipe for you below and hope that you will try it out!


Base - I like mixed greens or spring mix, but chose your favorite base for yourself! Load up your salad with greens and really load it up! Aim to eat 3-5 cups of greens as your base!

Toppings - chopped carrot, celery, radish, olives, 1/4 avocado, chia seeds, green onions, tomatoes, onion, apple, edamame, beans, pine nuts, basil, cilantro, whatever I have in!

Dressing - the juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 tablespoons of hummus

*Once finished, mix salad well and add salt and pepper as desired.

I challenge you to improve your health, start a new routine and begin eating a salad a day!