10 Tips for Your Skinniest Thanksgiving Yet!


Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone! In honor of this amazing holiday revolved around eating, friends, family and festivity, here are my top ten tips for avoiding the food baby and staying on track this Thanksgiving! 1. Help cook! If you are worried about having healthy options to eat, then volunteer to help make something! Choose a recipe off Pinterest or my website (hehe) and bring it on over!

2. Eat before you go. Sounds weird right? I always try to eat a big green salad before I go to a party where I know there will be a bunch of tempting foods! By eating a healthy meal before you leave your house, you will be less likely to stuff your face with unhealthy appetizers.

3. Load up on water. Water will help you to stay both hydrated and full throughout the day. To avoid bloating, drink lots of water an hour before you eat.

4. Chill on the booze. It can be easy to get carried away on Thanksgiving, especially when you are surrounded by family and friends! However, remember that the more you drink, the more likely you are to lose your healthy eating intentions for the holiday.

5. Aim for lower calorie beverages. Choose lower calorie alcoholic beverages like wine, champagne or hard alcohol to avoid bloating and mega calories. If you don’t drink alcohol, go for water or herbal tea (P.S. If you see diet soda, scream and run the other way.)

6. Sit away from the appetizers. Appetizers can be seriously addicting, so do yourself a favor and sit away from them. Not only are they typically loaded with calories, but they often lead to overeating. If your favorite spinach artichoke dip is a walk across the room, you'll be less tempted to get up and eat it.

7. Veggies first. Challenge yourself to fill your entire plate with vegetables first. If you are up for a second round, go back and have some of your favorite “guilty” pleasures. This time around, you will be less likely to over indulge in the higher calorie stuff because you already have food in your tum!

8. Choose the ultimate dessert. Eyeball the deserts early and choose ONE that you must try. Make sure it’s the one you really want because you’ll only having one helping! Remember that the desserts will be there all night so feel free to skip on dessert if you are full, don’t force yourself!

9. Be a nibbler. This is a trick that I learned from my mom. If you love dessert and want to try everything, find someone’s plate to nibble off of. I constantly do this to my dad and my brother. Instead of getting a plate with the desserts I want on it, I’ll just ask for a nibble of theirs. I take one bite and I’m good to go!

10. Choose take-aways wisely. Instead of bringing home a bunch of desserts, opt to take the vegetable dishes or salad instead! If you do get stuck with a bunch of desserts, freeze them! Remember that the gym will always be there tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!