Coocoo For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, how I adore thee! But seriously, coconut oil is God's gift to man (and woman, duh!) It is no wonder that a product that contains so many antioxidants is as good as gold in the beauty world. Besides being a fantastic oil for baking, coconut oil can also be used as eye make up remover, face moisturizer, eye cream, hair mask and body lotion. Whew! Yeah. And this stuff is good, like I mean seriously good. The first time I ever used it on my face overnight, the next day I had a friend of mine tell me that I looked like I was glowing. My favorite part about using coconut oil? It's only got one ingredient so I know exactly what I am putting onto my body! So eliminate the clutter in your bathroom, save some money, and get radiant!

P.S. Only buy ORGANIC, UNREFINED coconut oil - the real stuff!