She Well
She Well

Hi! I’m Rebecca, the girl behind She Well! 

Ever since I can remember, food has been an integral part of my life. I have always loved the way that cooking brings people together. To me, there is nothing better than sitting around a table with my favorite people, sharing a delicious meal. 

However, my relationship with food has been a complicated one. As someone who spent her childhood overweight, food has never been just 'food' for me. What I eat dictates how I feel. Because of this, I aim to eat healthful foods that make me feel good.

In an attempt to lose weight as a teenager, I spent years searching for 'the perfect diet.' What I eventually learned was that eating a balanced diet combined with exercise made me the happiest version of myself. I stopped putting a label on my eating habits, restricting my food choices and started healing myself through a newfound love of healthy (and sometimes not so healthy) food. 

Today, She Well serves as a compilation of my original recipes. In my cooking I aim to create the simplest, healthiest version of my favorite meals without compromising taste. I am passionate about developing recipes that include wholesome ingredients and love sneaking in as many plant-based foods as humanly possible!

Here are a few fun facts about me:

1. I live in DC, but originally hail from Massachusetts
2. I don’t eat meat, only fish!
3. The picture above in the Phillies uniform is me in the 8th grade at my highest weight
3. I'm obsessed with olives, almond butter & neapolitan pizza
4. I've always dreamed about owning a golden doodle named Noodle and mini golden doodle named Roni
5. My best friend and #1 taste-tester also happens to be my boyfriend of 5 years. His name is Adam :) 
6. I'm Ina Garten's #1 fan girl... but actually I own multiple sets of her cookbooks!
7. I'm a little too obsessed with my mom and dad
8. "8 hours to function!" has been my saying for years
9. I spent two years of my life working and auditioning as a professional actor (what I went to school for) 
10. Low key obsessed with sauvignon blanc from NZ

can’t wait to get to know some of you!

        XX,                       Rebecca 

        XX,                       Rebecca